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Take provision, indeed the best provision is God consciousness (Q2:197).

salam aleikum wa rahmatullaahi wa barakaatuhu,

By Allah’s qadar, the normal pre-Ramadan programs across the world cannot hold this year. The Covid-19 fitnah is real and disrupting the normal lives of Muslims and others across the globe.

RamadanMasterclass.com is an initiative from the DN Team to bring lessons from respected resource persons in Nigeria closer to us in a concise form.

The 7-day masterclass features short 3-7mins lecture excerpts from DN Highlight project were converted to videos teaching various issues about the glorious month of Ramadan.

Day 1: How a Muslim Should Prepare & Welcome Ramadan
Day 2: Muslims Exempted from Fasting
Day 3: What Can or Cannot Nullify a Muslim’s Fast
Day 4: Recommended Activities during Ramadan
Day 5: Preparing for I’tikaf and Laylatul Qadr
Day 6: Eid & its Ettiquettes
Day 7: What Next after Ramadan

Please note that the top 10 performing participants would get prizes in the form of data subscription and call credit. Also, a Certificate of Completion would be issued to all those who take part fully, doing all the lessons and quizzes at the end of the classes. Your true reward lies with Allah!

As Ramadan is approaching, we all need to prepare. Please stay home and make the best of whatever you can get virtually.

DN Team

…reviving the Ummah, byte by byte

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With Love from the © DN Team.