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RamadanMasterclass.com is an initiative from the DN Team to bring lessons from respected resource persons in Nigeria closer to us in a concise form. Short 3-10mins lecture excerpts from DN Highlight project were converted to videos teaching various issues about the glorious month of Ramadan.

You are to take the classes, putting in few tens of minutes daily.

Please note that the top 10 performing participants would get prizes in the form of data subscription and call credit. Also, a Certificate of Completion would be issued to all those who take part fully, doing all the lessons and quizzes at the end of the classes.

Your true reward lies with Allah!

Course Curriculum

When To Break After Fasting – Dr Sharaafudeen Raji 00:04:22
Basic Principles About Ramadhan by Ustadh Sulayman Ajimoti 00:03:15
Why is Ramadan called “Ramadan” by Shaykh Muhammad bn Uthman 00:03:21
Why Should Acts of Worship Increase in Ramadan by Dr Sharaafudeen Raji 00:04:05
Fasting And It’s Etiquettes For Travellers – Prof Abdur-Razzaq Alaro 00:03:01
Fasting just Ramadan in the whole year – Shaykh Muhammad bn Uthman 00:02:13
How a Muslim should prepare for the month of Ramadan by Ustadh Rasheed Haashim 00:03:56
Iftar (Breaking fast) & Sahur (Pre-dawn meal) in Islam by Dr Lukman Sekoni 00:04:26
Intention for Fasting in Ramadan by Dr Sharaafdeen Raji 00:01:50
Preparing For Ramadhan by Ustadh Sulayman Ajimoti 00:05:06
Recommended Items to Break Your Fast With by Ustadh Rasheed Hashim 00:02:46
Ruling on Fasting Few Days to Ramadhan by Prof. AbdulRazzaq Alaro 00:01:15
Masterclass Day 1 Quiz 00:05:00
The Virtues of the Month of Ramadan – Dr Lukman Idris Sekoni 00:03:03
Fasting Solely for the Sake of Allaah – Ustadh Rasheed Haashim 00:02:44
Those Exempted from Fasting – Dr. Lukman Idris Sekoni 00:03:56
Sickness that can Exempt One from Fasting – Dr. Lukman Idris Sekoni 00:03:34
Impermissible Acts for the One Who is Fasting – Dr Sharaafudeen Raji 00:05:24
You Can’t Fast (i.e aged, ill etc)? Do These – Dr Sharaafudeen Raji 00:03:14
What to do If You Travel to another Timezone While Fasting – Dr Sharaafudeen Raji 00:02:57
What Can Make You Exempted from Fasting – Shaykh Muhammad Bn Uthman 00:03:47
The fasting of Pregnant women in Ramadan 00:03:40
Masterclass Day 2 Quiz 00:05:00
Here are Some Things That Do Not Nullify Your Ramadan Fast by Dr Sharaafudeen Raji 00:04:52
Blood & Invalidation of Ramadan Fast – Dr Sharaafudeen Raji 00:03:33
Drinking Water while the Adhan for Solatul Subhi is Made in Ramadhan – Dr Sharaafudeen Raji 00:03:10
Ruling: He Returned from a Travel in Ramadan & Then had Sexual Intercourse with His Wife – Dr Sharaafudeen Raji 00:03:21
Ruling: Swallowing Saliva, Mucus & Phlegm When fasting – Dr Sharaafudeen Raji 00:02:29
Things that Invalidate Fasting in Ramadan – Dr Sharaafudeen Raji 00:02:43
Ruling on Masturbation and Sexual Activities in the Month of Ramadan – Dr Lukman Idris Sekoni 00:04:58
The Ruling of Cupping (Hijaamah) in Ramadan – Dr Sharafudeen Raji 00:05:30
Masterclass Day 3 Quiz 00:05:00
Its Recommended to Take This in Sahur – Ustadh Rasheed Haashim 01:33:00
The Best Things to Break the Fast With – Dr sharaafudeen Raji 00:04:30
Ramadan is More Than Eating & Drinking – Ustadh Rasheed Haashim 00:01:30
Charitable Acts in Ramadan – Dr Sharaafudeen Raji 00:04:53
Hold This Even Firmer in Ramadan – Ustadh Rasheed Haashim 00:01:46
Some Important Things to Note in Ramadan – Dr Sharaafudeen Raji 00:03:36
Safeguarding Your Fast – Ustadh Rasheed Haashim 00:03:00
Kindness in Ramadan – Dr Rasheed Buwayb 00:04:31
Explanation on When to Break Fast – Dr Sharafudeen Raji 00:03:48
Etiquettes of Iftar and Sahur – Prof. AbdulRazzaq Alaro 00:01:37
Masterclass Day 4 Quiz 00:05:00
The Rules & Regulations Guiding I’itikaaf – Dr Sharaafudeen Raji 00:04:17
How to Righfully Observe Laylatu Qadr & the Supplication to Say – Dr Sharaafudeen Raji 00:03:11
I’tikaaf and How it Should be Done – Dr Sharaafudeen Raji 00:04:17
Those Who are Permitted to Enter the Masjid During I’Itikaaf – Dr Sharaafudeen Raji 00:02:27
The Greatness of Laylatul Qadr and the Things That Happen in It – Dr Sharaafudeen Raji 00:03:53
The Night of Laylatul Qadr – Ustadh Ejigbo 00:03:12
Preparing for the last 10 days and I’tikaaf in Ramadan – Shaykh Muhammad Bn Uthman 00:04:32
The Meaning & Rulings on I’itikaaf – Ustadh Ejigbo 00:04:38
Doing I’itikaaf in the month of Ramadan – Dr. Lukman Idris Sekoni 00:03:25
Masterclass Day 5 Quiz 00:05:00
The Day of Eid – Dr. Lukman Idris Sekoni 00:03:17
Paying of Zakatul Fitr & Going for Eid – Shaykh Muhammad Bn Uthman 00:03:03
Prohibition of Fasting on the Day of Eid – Prof. AbdulRazzaq Alaro 00:03:00
10 Things to Do on The Day of Eid 00:01:50
What to say upon sighting the new moon 03:08:00
Masterclass Day 6 Quiz 00:05:00
Expiation for The One Who Had Sexual Intercourse in Ramadan – Dr Sharaafudeen Raji 00:04:24
How Should One Pay Missed Ramadan Fasts – Ustadh Amubieya Sulayman 00:05:17
How to Make Up Missed Ramadan Fasts – Dr Sharaafudeen Raji 00:03:57
Q&A on How the Missed Fasts Should be Repaid – Shaykh Muhammad Bin Uthman 00:03:30
Who Would Repay The Fast of The Deceased – Ustadh Amubieya Sulayman 00:02:48
Ruling on the fasting of a sick person who later died. 00:02:20
Voluntary Acts after Ramadan – Dr. Lukman ldris Sekoni 00:02:33
Repaying the Fast of The Deceased – Prof. AbdulRazzaq Alaro 00:03:01
Masterclass Day 7 Quiz 00:05:00

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