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How do I join the masterclass

  1. REGISTER/SIGNUP to submit your name to be on your Completion Certificate
  2. If you had registered earlier, please ensure you are currently LOGGED IN
  3. Navigate back to this page
  4. Scroll till you see an orange button with “Take This Course” or click here
  5. You can now start taking the class units, one by one

If you have any issue, please chat us up on Whatsapp +2347011992248

What does DN mean?
DN is an acronym for DAWAH-NIGERIA

Why should I enroll in the Ramadan Master class?
By Allah’s qadar, the normal pre-Ramadan programs across the world cannot hold this year. The Covid-19 fitnah is real and disrupting the normal lives of Muslims and others across the globe. We hope this MASTERCLASS serves a sit-at-home reminder and lesson for you.

Is the Ramadan Masterclass free?
The masterclass is totally free and open to all Muslim and Muslimah worldwide

I have a problem logging in?
We have tried to optimize masterclass for mobile and desktop format. Kindly send a WhatsApp message to us +2347011992248. We shall in sha Allah respond and get back to you

Would I get the certificate too for free?
In sha Allah the certificate is free too!

Can I get a hard copy of the certificate?

When would the Masterclass end?
The Masterclass is to span, actively, from 14th – 20th of April, 2020

How can I donate or sponsor?
We would welcome all donations and sponsorship. Visit https://dawahnigeria.com/support on how to support us 

What next after the Ramadan masterclass?
In sha Allah, as our culture, we shall provide live online sessions of e-Tafseer from various RP’s from the North and South of Nigeria.

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